Built on The Rock!

Men of Valor Cornholin' Tournament - 2017

Some fun being with the Brethren tossing bean bags in a game very similar to horse shoes.

Matt Cavaness                 Ron Smith

Bro Ron Smith showing off his "prime throwing form"

Gary Stamper (of team Cul-de-sacs)                 Jordan Black

Nick Perryman lets go with that famous left pitching arm . . . one cool customer!!!                 Shannon Watson thinkin . . . "oh no!!"

Eld Tim Perkins (Pastor Apostolic Faith Lighthouse, East Bakersfield) takes a break in the shade with Ron Smith.
Bro Clem Monks looking for something cold to drink!

Jim Carillo winding up his famous pitch                 Matt Cavaness in deep concentration (probably trying to figure the score . . . )

(L - R)
Richard Black - (red shirt),   Shannon Watson - (red shirt - glasses),   Nick Perryman - (stripes)   Josh Vega,   Eld Donny Smith (white top - Pastor - Woodville, CA)

Richard Black                 George Cavaness

Jim Holmes - (cowboy hat)       Duane Alspaw         Garrin Mouser (black shirt)       Clem Monks (blue cap)
You know there's gonna be fun when Bro Alspaw is around!!

Richard Black (in serious thought (now I got to beat him . . . and he usually does!)) watching his Uncle George (of team Cul-de-sacs) wind up!

Aerial Picts by Garren Mouser

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